From Students

“”I’ve never really thought about how widespread the range of mathematics can extend to, until I participated in the Math Fair. Because of this, I wanted to explore into the deep depths of unanswered questions by writing more papers for the Math Fair and becoming a Math Major.”

“I was pretty proud after winning gold, because I barely ever get awards and before junior year, I didn’t even think that I could write a math paper. It made me feel invincible and that I could accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.”

“The Math Fair initiated my desire to challenge myself and to explore topics completely foreign to me. In the end, enjoying the learning process is much more valuable than winning the medal.” 
“I’ve written three papers, presented five separate times, and answered many questions from the judges. Few people ever have the chance to accomplish this much in high school, and thus I am grateful to the Math Fair. In college I will have to write many more papers  and present to larger groups of people, but because of my experience from the Math Fair I am less worried about this future and more excited to continue on creating, presenting, and defending my mathematical works.”

From Teachers and Judges

“Mentoring student research has dramatically changed my approach as a math teacher.  Once I saw the creative, independent mathematical projects students were capable of producing, it made me realize that they should be doing more of it!”

“As a college instructor and mathematician, I was pleased to have the chance to see some of the work high school students are doing in their math classes. It was exciting to watch them present their projects and handle the judges’ detailed questioning, often with aplomb and a clear interest in the material. I hope that over the years the Fair will continue to foster students’ engagement with the real process of doing mathematics.”

“Judging the NYC Math Fair is a great experience–I’m always inspired by the courage and mastery the students demonstrate, and I always learn something new!’

“It was great to see students from all across the region who were excited about mathematics and had obviously put in a lot of work into their research.  The best thing, however, was that students got to meet and talk with their peers who were doing the same.”

“It’s amazing to see what high school students can do mathematically. Whether its seeing them on their own understanding a difficult mathematical concept or taking a simple mathematical concept to a higher level, these students are really doing mathematics!”